Time for Inflight Casino Gaming


Some passengers may feel frustrated with long-haul flights when they can’t attend work or enjoy other activities like gaming because there aren’t enough entertainment options. One suggestion for airlines that want to improve their passenger experience is to introduce casino gaming on their flights.  

Gambling Not Allowed on Flights

Unfortunately, many airlines don’t allow gambling activities on their flights. It is argued that gambling could make passengers rowdy and lead to problems during a flight.

But do you know that the idea of an inflight casino isn’t new? It’s been tried in the past by Singapore Airlines, Swissair, among others. So, this gambling concept could be successful if airlines decided to offer this service.  

That said, there are many ways in which airlines can introduce casinos without having negative effects on the other passengers or crew members.  

Play Online Casino Games

For example, the airline can advise its passengers to play casino games at mFortune online bingo and other online casino sites. Online casino gaming is more or less the game of choice for many people nowadays. With a reputable casino like mFortune, you can’t go wrong.

Real-time Gambling in the Sky

For those passengers who love gambling in real-time, airlines can install slot machines on the plane connected to the internet and allow their passengers to play games using their mobile devices or laptops.  

Designated Casino Rooms

Another idea is that airlines could provide a designated section of the aeroplane where it’s permitted for gaming activities, similar to smoking areas.  

Also, the airlines can allow a maximum of three to gamble at any given time, and each player can only bet a maximum of $100. Plus, there should be an enclosed room with a chaperone to ensure that no one will misbehave due to gambling.  

This way, the passengers who want to gamble can do so without disrupting anyone else on their flight and enjoy themselves in peace.