About Us

This blog actually started because many of us love aviation and want to share our passion with the world. We have all the information about aviation history and heritage, exhibitions, historic military airfields, and research projects.  

Aviation History and Heritage

We are dedicated to collecting and preserving aviation heritage. We accept artefact donations, information about your local aviation history museum and answer any questions about aviation history.  

Our goal is to make aviation-related information available to everyone in the world. Our responsibility is to preserve this history for future generations, and we will do everything we can to ensure aviation’s heritage lasts forever.  

Aviation History Exhibitions

We have extensive knowledge that helps us identify artefacts for exhibitions. We can also find any aviation artefact that you are looking for. In addition, we answer many questions about aviation collections and exhibitions.  

Historic Military Airfields

You can also learn about historic military airfields. We have a particular interest in World War I and World War II aircraft and airfields.  

Research Projects

We also study aviation history and heritage, historic military airfields, and aviation history exhibitions. We have all the information you need. Our website also presents education resources related to aviation history for teachers, students, and aviation enthusiasts.  

That said, we hope our site will be helpful to anyone interested in aviation history, heritage, and research. Subscribe for the latest news and updates.