How to Order Tickets for an Aviation Exhibition

The first step to attending an aviation museum or exhibition is buying tickets. Most museums offer advance ticket purchases so that guests can save money. You can find this information about the aviation exhibition tickets on the museum’s website.  

It’ll be necessary to have information about the event, including the date, time, and location. However, if this information isn’t available online, you can call the museum’s information line. This information should be listed on the contact page of the website.  

That said, you can order tickets for an aviation exhibition with any of the following steps:  

1. On the Exhibition’s Website

You can visit the exhibition website and purchase your ticket on their secure checkout page. Be sure to enter the verification code to prove you are a human and not a robot attempting to order tickets.  

2. Via Email

To reach the exhibition organizers by email, click “contact” on the top of their website page. Once you enter your information, they’ll generate a PDF order form that will open in your inbox to fill out and submit back. Alternatively, you can get their email address and send them a direct email.  

3. Via Phone

Give them a call, and they’ll be happy to take your orders over the phone. They accept all major credit cards over the phone as well as PayPal orders via email. Be sure to give them your name, address, contact number, card information, and ticket selection before hanging up.  

4. Visit the Exhibition Office

If you would rather not order tickets online or by phone, you can walk into the exhibition office. Find information on their site to know where the exhibition is located. If you’re visiting the museum in person, you can purchase tickets directly from them or at their information booth.  

5. Mail Order/Walk-in Orders

If you are unable to do any of the above, then there are still options. You can mail them your request, including payment information, or visit them in person without purchasing tickets ahead of time. The museum will then send you the ticket(s) via mail or email.  

6. Wireless Ticketing

If you’d like to print your ticket and skip the hassle of waiting in line at the exhibition hall, you can purchase them through a mobile phone by SMS text messaging. For this service, all you’ll need is the “Exhibit Title”, “Date Range,” and “Ticket Type”. 

When your tickets are ordered you will be well-prepared for the event.