Forgotten Military Airfields of Britain

In history, many airfields played a role in the first and second world wars. But unfortunately, many people don’t know about these airfields; they may not even exist anymore. Here’s a discussion of the four most important airfields from Britain’s past and their part in both world wars.  

RAF Biggin Hill, London

One of the most famous airfields is RAF Biggin Hill, used during World War I and II. The base was responsible for defending London from bombing raids by German forces in WWII. During that time, many pilots trained at this airport before being sent to fight on the frontlines.  

RAF Duxford, Cambridgeshire

The Duxford aerodrome was built during World War I and was one of the first airports in Britain. It played an essential role for both Allied forces during WWII and American troops stationed there after D-Day.

RAF Duxford served as an essential base during WWII because of its proximity to London. The Duxford airfield was responsible for protecting the capital and surrounding areas from Luftwaffe attacks in 1940.  

RAF Halton, Buckinghamshire

Halton airfield also played a part in World War I. RAF Halton is one of the oldest operational military airfields in the world, having been built back in 1916. During WWII, the Royal Air Force used this airport to train pilots and crews for both British and American forces.

RAF Tangmere

RAF Tangmere was used for various purposes during WWII, including coastal patrols and fighter support in France after the country was liberated from German occupation. After the war, it was used as a test facility for planes and helicopters.  

The four airfields discussed here played an important role in Britain’s defence during both world wars. Although some of them no longer exist, their place in history will not be forgotten by those who fight to protect this country today.